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IF we all work together, We Are The Cure. Dog memorial gifts will make a dramatic impact as the National Canine Cancer Foundation helps to provide more effective treatments and new diagnostic methods for finding cancer.

Dog memorial gifts are one of the key ways we are able to fund the fight against dog cancer. 

Your donation helps move life-altering research out of the lab into clinical trials, and finally to a cure for our beloved dogs. Give the gift that shows you care – you can include the name of a pet or the person who is grieving the loss of their best friend.



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If you’d like to make a donation in honor of a person or pet, please put their name here.

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Dog Memorial Gifts & NCCF

Striving to Eliminate Dog Cancer

“The passion that moves us forward is from experiencing what dog cancer really does to the ones we love. We are driven because there is a hole in our soul where once was the love of our dog. Through education, research, outreach, and fundraising, our goal is to eliminate cancer as a major health problem in dogs.” – Gary D. Nice,  Founder, and President NCCF

If We All Work Together, We Are The Cure 

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Join The Fight – Donate Today

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  1. Kristie Jones

    Thank you!

  2. Kaye Swan

    Let’s fight this fight together, we can no longer stand back and let this evil disease kill our beloved dogs.

    • admin (verified owner)

      Yes I agree! If we all work together, We Are The Cure. Thank you Gary

  3. vern

    I have been fortunate to beat Prostate cancer and lung cancer. Let’s beat it!

  4. Michelle Romanelli

    This is one of the best donations I have ever made. It is made on behalf of Max Barwell ( Mr. April in the 2017 calendar!! ) and his lovely photogenic canine friends. You look so awesome buddy!!! Aunt Michelle is sooooo happy for you. Hugs to you my 4 legged love bug!

  5. Jasmine and Paul (verified owner)

    Jasmine and Paul submitted a donation today in honor of their cousin Pepperoni who was diagnosed with cancer on 12/14/16 we can beat this!

  6. Araceli Andrade

    In honor of my beautiful son, Cooba. We love and miss you dearly. Thank you so much for sharing your love and gracefulness with us. We shall meet again my boy. Momma loves you so so so much.

  7. montserrat presas

    Our 5 years Yellow Lab just passed away this week, she was fighting with lymphoma cancer, we losses the battle.
    Lets help those in need, in her honor.
    “Luna was another of my kids”

  8. montserrat presas (verified owner)

    can I have an email where to send Luna’s pic?
    thanks a lot

    • admin (verified owner)

      You can email your photos to and we will get it put for you. Thank you for your support!
      Kelly Fails – Online Store Manager

  9. Kimberly Hower

    This is a great cause I just lost my boxer a month ago to this horrible cancer. We never knew he was sick until 2 weeks before he died. Let’s find a cure for this horrible cancer that is taking our dogs long before they should be.

  10. Nikki Mastro

    In honor of my beloved Brandy girl, whom I lost to Hemangiosarcoma!

  11. elleniam

    Made a donation today for hemangiosarcoma research in memory of my beloved boy Max. That dreaded cancer took him from us so suddenly just six weeks ago. My heart aches. I miss him so much. Thank you for doing research for a cure.


    In memory of my beautiful boys, Rudy, Jagger, Sundance and Butch, all lost to different forms of cancer.

  13. Paula R James (verified owner)

    Thank you for providing an educational and detailed source of knowledge on hemangiosarcoma. Our 15 year old pup, Buddy, had an emergency splenectomy a week ago and today just as he was being happy and playful, we received the call with the lab results from the histopathology biopsy that he had indeed has cancer. Thanks to your statistics, we feel more secure about having him undergo chemo…
    Anything is worth it if it means he will have a few more happy days ahead, being spoiled and loved by us. He is the best gift God has ever granted my husband and I.

  14. Linda Nelson

    We lost our beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Dallas, 3 years ago this month to hemangiosarcoma and colon cancer due to a vet’s incompetence and refusal to listen to the warning signs I kept telling him about. He thought he knew better. This is a reminder to always listen to your gut….no one knows your pet better than you. It has taken me three years to even be able to write this. I am completely heartbroken. My vet was cold and callous about the loss of my precious pet. According to the specialty hospital that finally diagnosed him through surgery, his death could have been avoided if caught early when the warning signs first showed up by removing his spleen and part of his colon. Disgraceful, heartbreaking situation that I still think about everyday. I will miss my sweet Dallas forever. Hopefully this donation in his honor will help fund research so other pets and families don’t suffer the same fate in the future. Thank you for all that you are doing.

  15. BongosMom

    We lost our beloved corgi, Bongo, to hemangiosarcoma just 3 days after diagnosis. He had passed his physical exam 2 months previously with flying colors. We brought him to the vet thinking that he was just a bit under the weather, not that he had only days to live. We must find treatments and a cure or even better a vaccine.

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